The “Pirate” 100% Electric

The TGS “PIRATE” is a 100% electric vehicle, is homologated as a heavy electric powered quadricycle, specially developed for off-road use, thanks to its greats suspensions, but it can be used safely even on the road for its peculiar characteristic of stability.

The electric traction allows utilisation of the electric “PIRATE” in areas where it’s necessary to cancel the environmental impact of vehicles, such as protected areas, parks, islands and city centers.

The characteristics of the chassis, the reduced size / weight and performance of the drive system make the vehicle particularly suitable  in off-road performance.


  • 100% Electric
  • Excellent speed (80km / h) / autonomy (140 km)
  • Road Registration and homologation
  • Excellent performance in Off Road
  • Car driveable to 16 years (without passengers)
  • Cost Battery charging: approximately € 2
  • Charging time: 8 hours
    (It can also be recharged with a standard household plug)

Other Version: PIRATE 500 Fuel Version

Also available with fuel-powered engine (500cc.)

In addition to the classic two-seat version, this model is also offered in a single-seat version.

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