The Prototypes

Updated: June 2, 2013

With the first prototypes we have verified the performance of the vehicle, noting the satisfaction of drivers on different terrains: paved road, dirt road, off-road mixed, rock, sand, grass and snow.

It has also been used to test the different driving modes that this new type of vehicle may be addressed: off-road racing, long journey on an asphalt road, driving in the city, guided tours in the forests and protected natural parks, several days on the mountain trails.

Hundreds of people have driven the vehicle. We have received positive feedback from both the experienced driver in off-road, both newcomers to the field.

Usually, the experienced drivers, having as reference the fuel-engines vehicles, show doubts about the lack of traction of the front wheels and the low installed power, but, after having a ride, usually appreciate the performance as the snappy acceleration, the sliding drive uphill or downhill, and the great suspensions.

Newcomers are usually well impressed by the ease of driving, even in off-road route is not simple, and for the smooth running of the vehicle while driving in a natural environment.

About performance, the “PIRATE” is able to transfer an emotion to all passengers, even at low speeds, and is much appreciated by anyone who has tried it.