About Us

TGS Race is a company based in Fermignano, near Pesaro, and was created by the innovative ideas of Eros Tomassini.

The TGS has created a heavy quadricycle that is inspired by the mythical “dune buggy”, with the result of an innovative and safe vehicle, the “PIRATE”, that could offer great fun on the road as off-road.

In addition of two fuel engine models (500 cc), available with single and two-seater, the real innovation is the all-electric and zero impact model, designed for use in protected areas or restricted to vehicles with a fuel engine.

The 100% electric “PIRATE” is so great to use as well as road and off-road areas, even in areas where there are routes with protected flora and fauna.

The excellent performances of this model (about 80 km / h top speed), combined with the battery life (approximately 140 km by road) offers the chance to drive a fun, safe, zero impact quadricycle and that does not depend from  obligation to continuous refills, offering a wide freedom of use.

The project was developed with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Bologna.

Anything else? Only your foot on the pedal!